Information On Dating Moldova
n Women

If your reading this then you are already aware that Moldova has one of the biggest concentration of beautiful women of any where. If you are either dating a women from Moldova via a dating site such as anastasia dating or you have met a lady from Moldova on your travels or you think you would like to date a Moldovan but don't know the best way to proceed please read the rest of this page.


Dating women from Moldova on Dating sites

Using dating sites such as Anastasia or Global ladies appear at first to be an attractive proposition to getting to know women from Moldova. Although I don’t entirely condemn these sites, I would like to point out their pitfalls.

Tips for dating Moldovan women

  • Be realistic about the women's age compared to your's. You will just waist time and money with a ridiculous age gap. Try not to go over a 15 year gap.
  • You will have more success dating women that have at least one child. There is a lot of good women here on the shelf because quite frankly Moldovan men do not want the responsibility of someone else's child.
  • If your women is beautiful in her late 20s to early 30s and has no children or hasn't been married, ask yourself WHY? I have met many of these and quite frankly most are either unbearable to be around or they are not right in the head.
  • Never send money, a good women will never ask you for money.
  • Remember that your Moldovan women will more than likely be corresponding with many other men. If you like her you really must come and visit at the earliest opportunity. If you wait to long some one will probably beat you to it.
  • When visiting keep some control of the situation, don't let them book every thing. Try and book your accommodation yourself and have a back up plan such as my contact details if all goes wrong and you are here alone.
  • Try to find out as much as you can about your Women in Moldova by using someone like my investigation services. This can help you prove she is real and not a Moldova scammer and even by-pass the agency thus saving you money in the long term.

The dating agency itself

You think you are dealing with a large reputable company with morals, but you wouldn't’t be entirely correct. Each country has small sub offices run by locals which can be as corrupt as the country they reside. To put it blunt these people get paid per translation per mail you send and read etc. This system is open for abuse and they will send you random mail from women who have no idea they have written to you. The staff also insists on translating everything even if the recipient speaks perfect English, again adding more costs to you. Please Look for consistency in the writing as you can often tell that it's come from some one else.

Mail censoring and altering

They do this is several ways. If you write to a woman they will often change your words to that what they think the woman wants to hear and not what you want to write. They will also write back to you with no input from the woman you wrote to, this again is to squeeze more money from your depleting wallet. Finally they edit out any personal info such as telephone numbers web addresses etc. I am sure if you have a personal web site or the company you work for has a web site you would want your lady friend to see it, but no it will be blocked. As a result you have to keep going through the agency and spending even more money. Please look further down this page if you are interested in getting your moldovan girlfriends private details and beat the system.

Moldova dating scammers and dating site manipulation

Not all the women advertised on these sites are quite what you think they are. In Moldova particularly they have a policy to try to persuade the women not to say they have a child or children. I have experienced on many occasions that this information has been left out until the man visits the woman. The agency tells the women to do this because it will increase the amount of mail they get and hence the chances of finding a man. These sites also don’t care too much about vetting the women thus letting scammers through the net. I have come across many women who make a living getting gifts and money from western men over these sites. I wont bore you with every trick in the book, but some of the common ones are, they need money because either they or there mother etc is sick, they don’t have a mobile phone to communicate with you, they want to meet you in a neutral country and you send them the money for a ticket and one of the most popular one going around at the moment is that they will come to your country to visit you, they even give a date of travel and the the men then think great and send the money for her travel. Believe me have seen interesting ways of getting money from us men. Remember a good women will never ask you for money because of the fear of scaring you off.

The photographs of women on these sites

Because the agency wants as many men to write as possible they insist the woman has professional photos taken by them. This serves two purposes. It ensures the women can’t use the photos with another agency. It also makes all the women on their site look very beautiful and appealing. I have met some of these women in real life after looking at their profiles on the site and the difference in nearly all cases quite extraordinary to say the least. Many men have traveled long distances only to be a little disappointed when they arrive. I have even delivered flowers to these women for the men they are corresponding with and been in shock when I actually saw them. They often refuse me taking their photo to send back to the person who sent the flowers to their girlfriends in Moldova.

How to by-pass a dating site and get your Moldovan girlfriends address & telephone number

If you are using or intend to use one of these agencies we can help and get your woman's personal contact information here in Moldova. The best way to do this is to write in a mail that you would like to send them something and could you have their address this is often permitted. They let this go because it is very difficult to get home phone numbers unless you are in this country. This is where I come in; from an address I can get the home phone number and could get my wife to ring her on your behalf and pass your personal email address and phone numbers on to them. WE have found the best way to contact the women is to deliver flowers from you. My wife seems to make them comfortable and they tell her all sorts of information and at the same time we get their personal information to report back to you. This is a very good way of finding out if your woman is a scammer and if she is the same as the women you think you are corresponding with. Maybe you just want a photo of where she lives to satisfy your curiosity etc. Any service like this is with complete discretion and will only go as far as you the client wants it. For further information please visit my services site.

Getting in touch with Moldovan women without using anastasia dating site

The best way to do this is to just visit Moldova for a long period of time or just on a regular basis. Moldovans are very friendly and if you get out you soon find you have large number of friends. You soon get introduced to new people and you never know what may happen. You must be a little like a Moldovan man, don't be shy in asking a women on a date, just go for it. You won't get any where waiting for them to make the first move. If you like a waitress or someone who works in a place you have found, keep visiting it and you will soon find out if the lady likes you.

If prefer to build a base of friends before you visit Moldova the best way is to use social networking sites. The best one would be to go on it's like a face book based site. You can sign up in English and then just contact people you like. You can meet many people online this way and when you visit you will then have many people to meet. You can also use FB as more people are now using it in this part of the world.

Getting Married & Dating in Moldova

Moldova probably has the biggest concentration of beautiful women in Europe. Because of this many men come here to find or visit potential partners girlfriends etc. I don't want to say to much about dating on this site because quite frankly it's a minefield and I wouldn't want to advise what I think are the better methods. You can contact me personally for further information. When it comes to marriage I suppose I am a bit of an old hat. I have married twice in Moldova, One word of advice I can give is don't rush into marriage in Moldova for the wrong reasons. Getting married is no easy fix for a visa. I learned from my first wife, I rushed into marriage because I thought it would make obtaining a visa easier. My advice is to get your partner a visa for a holiday in your native country first and spend a few months with them. The worst thing you can do is rush into marriage with a Moldovan, have a trail period first. Having said this I do understand you can't take the time you would with a partner from your native country. OK so you feel the relationship is all good and fine. If you took my advice they will be in your own country by now making marriage easy. To marry in Moldova is a whole new ball game. You will need to supply the following documents to the wedding office to marry a native Moldovan.

  • Certificate of No Impediment(This proves you are free to marry)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate(Aids test)
  • Passport

All must be translated which can be done in Moldova at very little expense. With the exception of the birth certificate you need to legalised all the others in your own country.. It sounds very difficult and you are right to think so. However I know the system and can help you through it. So if you are interested in getting married in Moldova, please contact me for further information. Another word of advice is plan your wedding in advance, this will save you allot of money as you pay for the notice given to the wedding office. The less notice you give the more you pay. For further advice please mail me.