Some of our clients have kindly agreed to provide us with a testimonial to publish on our site. Due to the sensitivity of our business and client confidentiality some are anonymously and others have only first names and country location. We do think however that these real investigations provides you with a good insight into what services are available from Moldova Private investigators.

I had a moldovan girlfriend for nearly a year. After six months she told me she was pregnant with my baby and returned back to Moldova from Dubai to have the baby. In this time I set her up in business, bought her a car etc. I got suspicious that the baby wasn't mine and contacted MDPI. They discovered that the due date for the baby was over one month earlier than it could of been if it were mine. MDPI also discovered she got married to another guy during the pregnancy. Good job all round.

anonymous, Dubai

I was dating a women in Moldova on Anastasia dating site. I contacted MDPI to see what they could find out about her because she asked me for some money. MDPI did a great job and informed me of where she really lived, her home telephone number and even told me she was married with a child. To cap it all MDPI informed me she was one of the main agents for Anastasia in Moldova and even recruited women as scammers. I eventually rang the phone number MDPI gave me and I man answered the phone. I just said the name of the girl I was dating and he passed her the phone, I also heard a young child in the background. I confronted her on the phone and she confesses all to me. The information MDPI provided was 100% correct. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Dale, USA

After I visited my Moldovan woman for the first time I decided to go for it and get a K! visa for her and her daughter and even the dog. Some things didn't seem to me to make sense so I asked MDPI if they could verify what she had told me. They did and confirmed that everything my lady had told me was true. I have now been happily married to my Moldovan bride for over a year living in the US with the daughter and yes, the dog. Thank you MDPI, I am not sure I could of proceeded without your reassurance.

Max, USA

I met a Moldovan women while on holiday (not in Moldova) I liked her and visited her in Moldova, I met her family, I took them on holiday, I bought a flat in her name, I bought her a car, I leant a family fiend money to start a business. MDPI found out the flat I bought was already in the family ownership, the car was rented, the family member never received the loan I gave her to pass on. The list goes on. Just about the whole family were in on the scam. Use someone like MDPI before it's to late.

anonymous, UK

I to was dating a Moldovan woman on a dating site. I wanted to avoid the cost of the site so contacted MDPI to help. They got in touch with my woman and asked to exchange personal details. She refused, and it turns out she had a boyfriend and was just making an income from writing letters on the site.

Jeff, USA

I had already sent my Moldovan girlfriend a lot of money for various things before contacting MDPI. I got in touch with them because she was getting threatening if I didn't send her what she wanted. After MDPI did a background check it turned out that she had bought a car 2 months before with money I sent for a Romanian visa and the apartment she lived in that I was paying 400 euro a month for was her parents apartment, with whom she was still living with.


while in Moldova for a football match I met a woman. We dated for several years, but was scared to take her to the UK. I eventually sought help through MDPI to check all her history out. There was nothing found with this check to put me off any further so I took the plunge. We are now happy in the UK and also spend much time in Moldova. Thanks again MDPI.

Mike, UK

A Moldovan woman I had been dating online for several months said she had got a visa to visit the US. She scanned in the visa from her passport and sent it to me. It really did look real and thought about just sending her the money she had asked for the plane ticket to visit me. Just to be sure I asked MDPI to look at the visa. They came back to me within 24 hours telling me and proving to me it was a fake and not to send the money. MDPI saved me a lot of money that day.

Rob, USA

On visiting a Moldovan woman I was dating on Anastasia I asked MDPI to join us when we had lunch in a restaurant one day. MDPI provided an English male agent as the cover for being with me and his girlfriend who was actually a MDPI agent also. My women and the Anastasia translator I was paying for really let it all slip. We found out she had a daughter at home, when on Anastasia it said she had no children, but even more interesting was that she was telling the translator she didn't like me but would use me for a visa and do whatever it takes. MDPI operated with such professionalism to the point I relaxed into there scenario.

Garry, UK