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When in Moldova you will obviously want to move around the city or visit some of the surrounding towns or villages. For journeys around Chisinau itself you have a choice of 3 types of public transport. All services start at about 6AM and stop about 11PM. The most popular form of travel between districts is the micro bus, There must be thousands of these constantly going around the city. They are basically a minibus with a 3 digit number on it. Each number defines a dedicated route. One piece of advice is that most of these micro busses go through the centre at some point in their journey. Beware because there seems to be no limit to the number of passengers they carry so they are often bulging at the seems which makes it very difficult to get off at times. If you want to make some economy you could always take a trolley bus (Electric Bus) I find these more useful for short journeys but its no problem to travel the whole city on these busses. Once again they are all numbered for specific routes. This is a useful way to travel if alone as they are much slower so you have time to see if you are close to your destination or you may just see something of interest to get off for. Once again these can get very crowded so I find it useful to try to keep near a door. For trips to and from the outskirts of the city you can use the autobus (Non Electric). I find this a good way of getting back to the centre if a little out of the city, less crowded at times and with less stops not a bad way to travel if you can find one. Most travelers find it easier just to use a taxi for the majority of their journeys. I used to go by taxi often but the cost soon adds up and it's easy to get overcharged because you are foreign.When in Moldova I try only to use taxi's after 11PM or if I cant find a bus that will get me to a specific destination.

Transport Cost's | Trolley Bus = 2 Lei | Autobus= 3 Lei | Microbus-3 Lei | Taxi= From 30 Lei

From The Airport

On your arrival at the airport it's normal to get a taxi. As you leave the main door of the airport you will get drivers offering you a lift. I would recommend that you ignore these people as there is a legitimate taxi firm outside. The taxi firm is 1407 all their cars are yellow in colour and there is a large board explaining the cost to various parts of the city. Take a look at this board first. A typical trip to the centre should cost about 100 lei to 150 lei.